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"Our aim is simple... to provide the best education possible for every student"

Preparing students for their future2015 11 13 Jeffsmith

We are making a difference for our students and they are doing incredibly well. The school has worked hard to consolidate recent initiatives to ensure sustained and continuous improvement.

We look forward to welcoming all prospective students and their families/whanau to visit our school.

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Todays Notices


There are no Meetings scheduled for Tuesday 7th April, 2020.

General Notices

Winter weather is going to be with us soon. DID YOU KNOW...that you can wear a plain black, green or blue beanie outside on cold days. Make sure any logo is plain and remember to remove it when you are inside. School hats can be purchased online via our school website. Get organised now.
This week will see a particular emphasis placed on student attendance. This includes arriving to classes on time and being present all day. It is important that you exhibit the PRIDE values and develop good self management skills by being at school at 8.25am (or 5 minutes before your first timetabled period of the day). If this is not possible you are responsible for ensuring that a caregiver contacts the school via the app, website or school absence line, so that you are not given a U or a late detention. These detentions are generated automatically, do not expect to receive a reminder. If you are late to school for an unexplained and unjustified reason you will have a detention. Do the right thing and arrive at school every day with plenty of time to spare.


To install the App on your device you need to search for "Kamar" in the Android Playstore or the Apple App store.


  1. Download the Application
  2. Install
  3. Open and click on Settings
  4. Enter the server address:
  5. Username is your normal Kamar username
  6. Password is your normal Kamar password